Airtime Solutions

TeamConnect by pdvWireless

TeamConnect is a unique application that solves business communication needs including instant voice communication, GPS worker location and unique status updates. Companies using TeamConnect enhance worker performance, improve job productivity, and reach business colleagues when and where they need to.

TeamConnect by pdvWireless

TRBO Nexus

Communications Direct has partnered with TRBO Nexus to provide wide area digital two way radio coverage throughout the Chicago area.

MOTOTRBO is a versatile digital system of portable and mobile radios, repeaters and accessories that delivers increased capacity and integrated voice and data communication. Now with the Capacity Plus single-site trunking solution, you can expand your communication capacity to enable up to 1,200 radio users to share voice and data communication on the same system. In addition, the IP Site Connect solution gives you the ability to extend your communication reach further by connecting multiple locations, creating continuous wide area coverage or enhancing single site coverage.

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